Why I Wish I Had Never Come to Junior College


Two years ago I had every intention of attending Iowa State University to pursue a degree in Agricultural Education, but then I suddenly changed my mind. I quickly realized that even with a large scholarship I’d still be swimming in debt after graduation, so I decided to change my plan and attend the local Junior College to obtain my Associates first. At the time it seemed like a bullet-proof plan, I’d be saving myself money and I’d be close to home just in case. Now here I sit, one semester left at Junior College, looking back on that decision and wishing I never came.

I wish I had never come to Junior College because I never would have met all the people here. I would have never become so close to these people and I would not have to leave them in a few short weeks. These are the people I chose to become friends with. They’re the people that helped me gain a sense for who I want to be as a person and were there when I needed them. When May rolls around we graduate and things change. Some will finish their college experience here and enter the work force, some will move across the country to attend a university, and others will move on to the same university as me. I wish I had never come to Junior College so this would not be the case.


One semester left. One semester left to make memories. One semester left to solidify those friendships I’ve made. One semester left to let those friends know how much they mean to me. One semester left at Junior College.

I know it’s not the end of the world, especially since I plan to carry out many of these friendships past graduation, but this is the last time we all get to be together. We’re not scattered throughout the state/country right now. We are right where I want us to be – together at Junior College.

And anyways, in two years I might be writing about how I wish I never went to a university.