I Like Your Cow!

“I like your cow!” I never knew how much one small statement could change my life. My freshman year of college I had the opportunity to chaperone a group of inner-city Chicago students to the National FFA Convention in Louisville, Kentucky. On the bus ride down I decided to do some homework on my computer when a student tapped me on the shoulder and said, “I like your cow!” I didn’t know what to say for a moment because the background on my laptop was a goat. This is when I realized how far removed people really are from the farm.

Not everybody has cattle and corn in their backyard, but they do have food on their plates and clothes on their back. One in four jobs in the state of Illinois relates back to agriculture and 100% of people are affected by ag. Most people get their information about GMOs, antibiotics, and the man in overalls from the Internet. So now is our chance as Agriculturalists to step up and educate the public about what really happens on farms, how our practices are safe, and how this is our livelihood – because our livelihood feeds the world. And I had my first chance to educate the public when I got to tell that little boy on the bus, “Actually that’s not a cow, that’s my goat Roscoe!”


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