Treasure Your Friends

Treasure Your Friends Respect One Another, Love One Another, Be There For One Another In second grade I moved two states away and I lost touch with many of my childhood friends. After eighth grade I transferred schools and I lost touch with most of my grade school friends. The moment I walked across the [...]

Veganism Saves The World

Veganism Saves The World I Can't Wrap My Mind Around This Before I even start this article I feel the need to explain myself. In no way am I trying to degrade those who have chosen to go vegan, that is a personal decision. And before anyone makes the argument, “Well Rebecca, you don’t drink [...]

It’s Harvest Time

It's Harvest Time To those that work in acres, not hours Now that it is fall it means combines and tractors are plaguing the fields with thousands of hardworking men and women putting in overtime so millions of mouths can be fed. I’ve grown up in the farming industry since day one -- my mom [...]

The Cliche Small Town Post

The Cliche Small Town Post Is my hometown even considered small? Or is it more minuscule? Either way, I love it. I come from a town of 600 people, how many of those people actually live in the town and not in the country, I have no idea. I live three miles outside of town [...]

Six Ways To Spot A Transfer Student

Six Ways To Spot A Transfer Student We are lost and confused so please cut us a break. I recently transferred to Illinois State University after receiving my Associates degree from Joliet Junior College. Since moving down to Normal, it has been become a huge cultural change and I'm still adjusting. Being a new student [...]