Thoughts Of A College Student Near Finals

As finals become closer and closer the thoughts that cross my mind become crazier and crazier. I can only assume that others are having the same thoughts about their grades, their futures, and how to handle stress. All of these thoughts pass through my head at least once a day…

1. I’m going to start studying now so I can pass all my finals.

I can do this. Just one hour. Oh look, Netflix magically popped up on the screen.

2. Let me search campus for a husband so I can fulfill my trophy wife dream.

3. What if I moved to Australia?

I could buy a one-way ticket with the little bit of money I have left.

4. Is it possible for me to get a 304% on my final to raise my D to an A?

5. Okay, now I’m actually going to start studying for my finals.

Oh wait, it’s my nap time. I’ll study once I wake up.

6. Christmas is almost here, I can make it two more weeks.

Then mom and dad are responsible for feeding me and I don’t have to go buy groceries.

7. I’ve done a lot today, I deserve a break.

I got out of bed, I ate that whole pizza by myself, and I scrolled through all my social media. I’m exhausted.

8. Can I buy my whole family Christmas gifts with the two dollars I have left?

You get a pack of gum! You get a pack of gum! Everyone gets a pack of gum!

9. Do I actually need this degree?

I know I have dedicated the past three years to school, but really, is this degree necessary?

10. I should organize my clothes by color, brand, and how often I wear them.

That is much more important than studying for this test right now

11. I could probably make a full-time career at McDonald’s work for the rest of my life.

Then I could get a discount on chicken nuggets…

12. Wait, how much do strippers make annually?

It’s probably more than my career choices offer.

13. How much stress does one have to endure before they start pulling out their hair?

14. Alright, finals start tomorrow, I should probably start studying.


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