10 Things Every Crappy Car Owner Knows

10 Things Every Crappy Car Owner Knows

10 Things Every Crappy Car Owner Understands

Yes, I know my check engine light is on.

I feel strange writing this article because I am actually in the process of having all my major car problems fixed. Anyone who knows me knows that my car always has something wrong with it. I have had the same car since I was sixteen and it has slowly started going downhill the longer I’ve had it. It’s not that I don’t take care of my car, it’s just that I have problem after problem and it starts to get expensive. Looking at the exterior of my car you would never know how many problems I have had with it. It is the moment you slide into the driver’s seat to find the check engine, ABS, and traction control lights on that you begin to worry about how the car runs.

Once you start driving it you really begin to worry because there is no power steering to the left and there’s a chance it did not even start when you put the key in the ignition. My car has been an uphill battle, but as I start to fix all the major problems, I figured it was time I confess about my crappy car.

1. You never know what is going on under the hood.

What could it be now? Everything under the hood might as well have something wrong with it.

2. You might as well put a star on your dash because it lights up like a Christmas tree.

Too bad there aren’t presents under that tree, just more car problems.

3.You pray it is going to start every time you put the key in the ignition.

Please, please, please don’t embarrass me. I am too afraid to ask if someone can help me jump my car again.

4. Nobody ever wants to ride with you because they fear for their lives.

When someone does ride with you, you just have to apologize for the whole car.

5. You have gotten used to listening to music out of one speaker.

Music sounds better out of the left speaker anyways.

6. Your tires might as well be old men because they are bald.

Welcome to winter, where you slide on even the tiniest bit of ice.

7. You don’t even notice the dents and scratches anymore.

The dent in the back bumper might as well be a part of the car.

8. Going to the mechanic is just asking to have your bank account drained of money.

Yes, I know everything is broken. I only need my oil changed.

9. You are afraid your car may go kaput every time you drive on the interstate.

My phone is charged, just in case I have to call someone.

10. As much as you hate it, you still love your car and all its flaws.

It can be a major pain trying to keep up with my car and all its problems, but I’m too afraid to part with it. I know all the tips and tricks to keep it running and make sure it starts.

If my car was problem free, I wouldn’t know what to do with myself. So, next time you see me driving my lovely, crappy car feel free to honk and say hi!


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