The Odyssey Online

When I began attending Illinois State University, I became a content creator for The Odyssey Online. For this reason, most of my blog posts have been posted to their website instead of on this website. To view these posts, you can visit my page to view the different articles I created.

For The Odyssey, I wrote about a wide range of topics. Some weeks I wrote about agriculture and my background, whereas other weeks I wrote humor topics including gifs and sarcasm. This experience broadened my horizons and allowed my writing to be seen by those who may not have had the chance on this website.

Corn Corps

In Spring 2017, I became a Social Media Intern for the Illinois Corn Marketing Board. While my main responsibility is to run one of their Facebook pages, I am also responsible for creating content for the agricultural community to read. My first post, Paying More For Scare Tactics, focused on food labeling and the false advertising displayed by food companies. This experience allowed me to thoroughly research food labeling in my own community and how it affects the consumer.