9 Catholic Struggles During Lent

9 Catholic Struggles During Lent

9 Catholic Struggles During Lent

None of these struggles compare to a withdrawal into the desert.

I grew up Catholic and every year when Lent rolls around I have to remind myself of what the 40 days symbolize before I begin dreading meatless Fridays and fasting. As a kid, I gave up small things like candy and pop and as I get older I try to give myself more meaningful changes in my life. This year I have made it a goal to worry less and focus on what is important in my life.

Although I now recognize the importance of what Jesus has done for me, I still find myself with some struggles during Lent. The struggles mostly come from having friends that aren’t Catholic and being away from home for so long. Even the Catholics deserve to laugh sometimes!

1. Going out to eat on a Friday night only to realize you have two options on the menu.

Do I want the catfish or this really boring salad?

2. Going in public on Ash Wednesday and having people tell you that there’s dirt on your face.

I promise you I wasn’t crawling around in the yard. I simply went to mass this morning.

3. When your friends make plans for a huge fancy dinner but you have to fast that day.

All I have eaten today is an apple and peanut butter sandwich, and the last thing I want to do is watch you eat your weight in steak and potatoes.

4. Preparing to do something only to realize you actually gave that up for Lent.

I’ll see you in 40 days, little buddy. I’ll think about you every second of every day!

5. Watching someone else eat a hamburger in front of you on a Friday makes you start drooling.

If I only had one tiny bite it wouldn’t be so bad would it?

6. Being lectured because you don’t attend church every single Sunday. . .

. . .I have no excuse.

7. Which means attending church with all the other Chreasters and being sandwiched in the pews

Sitting first row with 15 of your closest friends is so much fun, but it means no elbow room when using the kneeler.

8. Wondering if you can die of incense inhalation

Can’t breathe, please send help! I’m also realizing my clothes are going to smell like this all day.

9. Realizing you haven’t been to Repentance in a few months.

Okay, it’s definitely been a few years. When was my last CCD class?

Here is to a successful Lent season and that maybe we can overcome our “super difficult” struggles!


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